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Feb. 28th 2019

Robbie Travels to the Arnold Expo with Team Met-Rx for his first Expo Experience. You can see him at BOOTH #907


Feb. 14th 2019

Robbie takes you through his second video of the site teaching you how to exercise your shoulders.

Jessica, Gold's Manager

I was a stay at home wife and never worked out a day in my life. I contemplated surgery before I met Robbie and lost 40 lbs.

Carolyn, WFHS Secretary

Training with Robbie he has helped me tone up and find strength, people ask me how I've transformed and I tell them, I learned how to become 

accountable and 


Jake, Student Athlete

Robbie has taught me how to bring my physique to the next level and helped  grow not only as a student leader but an athlete.

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